Cameras for Businesses

Security cameras are a must-have for any business large or small

Whether your business has had theft problems, or you simply want peace of mind with additional security, security cameras are an important piece of equipment to have.  The number of cameras and style of cameras will differ depending on your needs.  For cameras located near high-priced items or near  cash registers, high-definition cameras are recommended.  These cameras provide enough clarity to catch theft and clearly see faces.   With high-definition cameras, quality trumps quantity.

Security Camears for Businesses

For aisles and entrances, standard quality cameras are recommended.  These cameras are often less expensive, allowing you to put more cameras up around your business.  Often, standard quality cameras are sold in sets.  These sets are ideal for small businesses because they provide software to easily monitor multiple cameras from a secure location.

Security Cameras for Small Business

Although security cameras exist to catch theft, they also can help to deter thieves.  If a thief knows that an area of a store is monitored, they will more than likely avoid stealing from the monitored section of the store.  “Dummy” cameras are a cost-effective alternative to security systems, although are not recommended for business environments.

Recommended Cameras for Businesses:

Galaxy 4-Camera System

Galaxy 8-Camera System

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