Cameras for Farmers

Security cameras are popular tools for farmers with expectant animals

When the weather turns biting cold, constantly running from the home to the barn to check on expectant animals can be a bone-chilling experience. With the recent near-record cold temperatures, many farmers are instead using new low-cost video technology to view their barn stalls from the comfort of their warm homes. “We have had a lot of farmers coming in and asking about the surveillance cameras we carry,” says Forest City Surplus staff member Adam Ostrander. “Given the low cost of these cameras and the cold weather, they’re a real benefit to most local area farmers. The cameras can also be used for security for farm equipment, so it’s not a single-use item,” says Ostrander. Forest City Surplus offers a wide variety of these cameras as well as the cables that connect from the barn to the house. The new heater and blower cameras also offer protection from extreme cold temperatures in the winter as well as the summer heat.


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