How to: Set up your first security camera system

Your first security camera system

In this article, you will learn the basic information you will need to aid in setting up your first camera system.  Whether in a professional business environment or in your own home, these processes should be followed to achieve best results.

How to set up your first security camera system

The first step in the process is to decide where you will be putting up the security cameras.  Most commonly, cameras are used in the corners of rooms or areas so that the maximum amount of space is filmed.  For information on where you should put your cameras, view our articles on Cameras for Home, Cameras for Business, and Cameras for Farmers!  Once you have decided where you want to put your cameras, you will need to figure out how many cameras you need.  For business environments, it is recommended to have at least (1) camera at each entrance, (1) camera near each cash register, and (1) camera near safes and employee records.  Aisle cameras are also great for preventing theft and catching shoplifters.  If there is a camera in a given aisle, the chances of theft are greatly reduced.  For farms and homes less cameras are required, however (1) camera at each entrance is recommended for optimal security.

Once you have decided how many cameras you will need, you will need to decide on which camera is best for you.  Cameras range from low-mid quality with no night vision or lighting all the way up to high-definition cameras with over 100-foot night vision range.  High definition cameras provide an additional layer of security as they capture details like license plates, faces and clothing where a low quality camera may not be able to capture those details.

After you have decided on which camera will work best for you, purchase and set up a recording device and monitor.  In order to view your stored footage, you will need to purchase a Digital Video Recorder or DVR.  Once you have set up the recording station, test your new cameras.  When putting your cameras up, try to choose a high, broad angle to maximize the capture area.

Now you are ready to begin monitoring your home, business or property!

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