Cameras for Home

Security cameras are an important step in home security

Home security systems are important to protect your property and loved ones.  Security cameras can help deter criminals from attempting to enter your home.  It is recommended to have at least two surveillance units, one at each entrance of your home.  High definition cameras are recommended due to their increased clarity.  In the event that an intruder entered your home, high definition cameras will provide greater facial detail for law enforcement.

Cameras for Home Security

Keeping in mind that most intrusions take place during nighttime hours, night vision cameras and LED-lit cameras provide an additional layer of security.  The SAV-CW209 weatherproof camera system provides auto gain controls to help maintain high definition in low lighting conditions.  This camera can capture up to 98-feet with night vision.  The SeqCam SEQ10212 outdoor weatherproof camera includes 36-LEDs to capture up to 60-metres away in dark conditions.

Security Cameras for Home

The SeqCam SEQ10212

In conclusion, for added security and peace of mind, it is recommended that each entrance to your house is monitored.

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